Samsung Puts More TV Control Features to Test in its SmartThings Android App

Written by Boogdana Zujic [ssba-buttons]

Users of Samsung SmartThings might have an opportunity to get a sneak-peak of some of the features that are being tested by the company at the moment. Users can try out some of the functions present in the SmartThings app via SmartThings Labs. After this process, they will also be able to provide real-time feedback to the engineers at Samsung.

The number of experimental functions that users can check is 8. One of the prominent functions is a universal remote control which enables you to exercise control over a bunch of connected home devices with just one screen.

You get another highly useful function in the form of TV Quick Control which lets you add a TV remote widget to the notification panel and lock the screen of your phone. Users will have the option of using their smartphone as a Bluetooth keyboard for different devices like their television and other apps. They will also get the facility to create virtual switches for a bunch of smart devices.

There is another function that, once activated, will automatically switch off the lights in the house and electronic devices when you step out of your home. Tech experts might not think very highly of these functions but all of these are very useful for a regular consumer.

Jaeyeon Jung, Vice-President at Samsung Electronics, has stated that the company always makes a conscious effort to enhance the experience of their customers and a platform like SmartThings enables users to play an active role in the testing process of their products and updates. Through SmartThings, users can provide feedback to the company and that, Jung says, is very important for the company to grow.

According to Jung, the company wants the users of SmartThings to “enjoy practical and useful features” which could be a part of the commercial SmartThings someday.

At the moment, only the ones using SmartThings Android App and based in South Korea and the United States can avail the services of SmartThings Labs. A user can try out the experimental functions by tapping on SmartApps in the menu, selecting ‘More’, and then on the SmartThings Labs option. The company is planning to put some of the other features present in SmartThings Labs to test. All this is expected to be done in the upcoming months. Samsung’s upcycling strategy includes turning old Galaxy phones into monitors and cameras.