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You can easily hide contacts on your iPhone with just a few workarounds. This article will provide a step-by-step guide showing how to hide contacts

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If you own an iPhone or iPad and you keep getting the notification that says “Update Apple ID Settings,” and you are not sure what to do,

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Overheating leads to various other problems such as battery drain, performance issues, etc. The iPhone is an incredible smartphone. Still, it is vulnerable

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It has been a few years since Apple Pay was introduced to iPhone. It is easy to generate contactless payment for public transport, e-commerce,

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It is essential to keep track of your iPad's battery life at all times, as well as learn how to check on the battery health of your iPad. This can be


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Is your MacBook stuck on the loading screen with the Apple logo on it, or it just won't' turn on? You have waited for several minutes, and it didn't

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Are you wondering how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes? Apple gives you a solution to sync data between iPhone and non-Apple

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You may be asking why FaceTime is not making or receiving calls. Read below for reasons and tips to ensure your FaceTime experience is flawless.

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What to do when "Hey Siri" is not working on your iPhone? If Siri doesn't respond when you say "Hey Siri," read the guide below for help troubleshooting

Where do AirDrop files go? Here is how to find them on iOS and Mac featured image

AirDrop allows iOS and Mac users to share documents, files, images, etc., with other nearby iOS and Mac users. Here is where the Airdrop files go.